You would not have known this burger was meatless

We had our first Beyond Burger. Consider us blown away.

Have you heard of Beyond Burgers? They’re entirely plant-based, but I hope that won’t cause you carnivores to move on from this post. Because what we tasted yesterday was pretty revolutionary.

To be clear, if you read this blog, you know we’re hardly afraid of meat. It’s hard to imagine our lives without our kitchen at least occasionally filled with the smell of sizzling steak or a roasting chicken. We’re not vegetarians (not even close), but we recognize the need to be vegetarians a little more often. So we’ve been intrigued by Beyond Meat and the reviews of their plant-based burgers. This one is pretty typical:

She served Beyond Burgers to her friends without telling them.

We found a Beyond Burger on the menu at a local restaurant, so we jumped at the chance to try it. And what came out looked like a burger: brioche bun, provolone, grilled onions, all the good stuff. One bite verified those Beyond Burger reviews: It looked and tasted like a juicy grilled burger with a pink center, just how we like them. Put this next to a beef burger and force us to say which is which, and I’m pretty sure we would have only been guessing.

Fast-food chains are buying in

And the experts agree – if you consider the experts to be the ones who sell the most beef:

  • Taco Bell now offers a Beyond Taco
  • Carl’s Jr. has a Beyond Burger on the menu
  • Burger King (which is in a trial run) and White Castle now sell burgers made with Impossible Burger, which is another plant-based meat and a competitor of Beyond.

So what are Beyond Burgers?

So what are these made of? From Beyond’s website, their meats contain “100% plant-based inputs such as proteins from peas, faba beans, and soy” and are non-GMO and gluten-free. The company uses a “proprietary system that applies heating, cooling, and pressure to align plant-proteins in the same fibrous structures that you’d find in animal proteins. We combine this process with ingredients that mimic the composition of animal-based meat, like plant-based proteins, fats, and minerals.”

So basically, scientists have come up with a formula for blending different plant substances so the end result looks and tastes like meat. But it is lower in calories, lower in fat, lower in cholesterol, and it is significantly better for the planet. Count us in.

Beyond’s products are also in stores now, so look for us to try their burgers, brats and other items. Because it seems like they might be on to something.

UPDATE: Burger king just announced that they’re rolling out their Impossible Burgers to all of their restaurants by the end of 2019.
The company said in a statement: “The Impossible Whopper test in St. Louis went exceedingly well and as a result there are plans to extend testing into additional markets in the very near future. Burger King restaurants in St. Louis are showing encouraging results and Impossible Whopper sales are complementing traditional Whopper purchases.”

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